Policy of Quality

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Policy of Quality

Minskintercaps U.V. assumes responsibilities for the quality of drugs, assures their compliance with designation and requirements of registration file, risk failure for patients due to safety, quality and efficiency.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance system is introduced to implement quality standards and Good Manufacturing Practice and quality control. Quality assurance division of the enterprise includes departments dividing the functions of quality control and quality assurance:

The departments are staffed with qualified specialists competent in test preparation and performance, Good Manufacturing Practice, quality assurance, the staff with specialized university education, professional training, technological knowledge and experience.

Quality control and quality assurance system established at the enterprise provides records and covers all the stages of manufacture and storage of products: essional training, technological knowledge and experience:

Chemico-microbiological laboratory

Chemico-microbiological laboratory of Minskintercaps U.V. has been accredited for technical competence in compliance with STB ISO/MEK 17025, Certificate N.BY/112 dd. 11/07/2005.

The field of accreditation of the laboratory intends 34 test of drugs. The list of products under lab control of Minskintercaps U.V. covers 60 positions. The Laboratory is also responsible for entrance check of 90 positions of raw materials, i.e. pharmaceutical substances and excipients.

Minskintercaps Lab applies upgraded techniques to assure the compliance with Pharmacopoeia BY, EP and USP.

Identification, Assay, test of all main parameters of the quality of drugs, pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients is performed by test-methods of molecular and atomic spectrometry (Spectrophotometers HP 8453, Solaar M, Helios), liquid and gas chromatography (Liquid chromatographs Agilent 1100, gas Chromamtograph Agilent 6890, Liquid Chromatograph Nexera fitted with mass-spectrometry detector).


Functions and activities of Chemico-microbiological laboratory of Minskintercaps U.V.: