AEVIT is a precious vitamin in a single capsule

Vitamin A or Retinol is one of the essential vitamins of liposoluble group necessary for humans. The benefits of Vitamin A for human health are priceless: it participates in redox processes, stimulates albumin synthesis and cell membranes. Vitamin A is required for bone and teeth formation, for cell growth and inhibits age processes.

Retinol benefits vision: it is very important for photoreceptors, synthesis of rhodopsin in retina. Immune system function significantly depends on Vitamin A: it enhances mucous barrier, phagocyte activity of leukocytes and other non-specific factors. Vitamin A protects from influenza, chill, respiratory infections, prevents the infections of digestive tract and urine ways.

Vitamin A is indispensible for adequate restoration of tissue epithelium (of skin and mucous). It is the reason to include Retinol in complex therapy for practically all skin diseases like psoriasis, acne, hyperkeratosis, etc. Vitamin A stimulates skin regeneration, collagen production, and decreases infection risk. Retinol participates in spermatogenesis and steroid hormone synthesis.

Food rich of Vitamin A
Vegetable source (carotenoids): carrot, pumpkin, sweet pepper, spinach, broccoli, onion leaves, parsley, peach, apricot, grape, melon,
Animal source: fish oil, liver (mostly beef), butter, egg yolk, milk cream, whole milk.

Retinol reacts perfectly with liposoluble vitamin Tocopherol (Vitamin E). In case of Vitamin E deficiency the absorption of Retinol worsens, hence it is preferable to administer two vitamins.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol) is a potential antioxidant of liposoluble vitamin group. Virtues of Vitamin E are multiple. No biochemical process in human organism is possible w/o Vitamin E. The benefit of Tocopherol is not only to maintain the functions of all systems in humans but to resist aging and to eliminate significantly pathologic peroxidation.

Tocopherol is also called Vitamin of youth and fertility because it stimulates male and female reproduction, endocrine, nervous and CVSs.

Vitamin E is a potential antioxidant preventing cellular membranes from free radicals. Tocopherol favors healthy skin: it participates in elastic fiber and collagen synthesis preventing the development of age pigment spots. It enhances skin regeneration rendering it more elastic with less loss of moisture.
Tocopherol prevents the development of inflammation and stimulates the rapid recovery. Vitamin E participates in tissue breath, stimulates brain activity. Moreover, Tocopherol protects other soluble vitamins from oxidation.

Food sources of Vitamin E: dairy butter, vegetable oil, greenery, milk, eggs, liver, meat, cereal germs, sea-buckthorn, spinach, broccoli, chops, solid cereals.

Taking care of your health, Belarusian pharmaceutical enterprise Minskintercaps developed and manufactures complex of Vitamins A and E Aevit.

Composition per capsule: Retinol palmitate IU100000; -Tocopheryl Acetate 100 mg.
Indications for usage: A and E hypo-/avitaminosis; conditions of vitamins A and E higher demand and/or their lower supply; elevated physical and mental load, stress conditions; the period of recovery after long and/or severe diseases including inflammatory ones; asthenia of various etiology; unbalanced and poor diet.
Rout of administration of Aevit:
Intake of Aevit: 1 capsule daily irrespective of meals for 20-40 days with 3-6-month interval.
Aevit is a rich source of vitamins in a single capsule.

Note medical contraindications and side effects. The drug is not recommended during pregnancy.