Biological Active Additives

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Biological Active Additives
Classification of drugs and dietary supplements
Pharmaceutical industry

Food supplements are manufactured products intended to supplement the diet, help organism to get rid of deflections leading to different diseases. Such a concentrate of natural substances as food supplements can be produces as pills, chewing lozenges or powder.

The influence of food supplements on organism does not have a concrete, standard and valid opinion. Though there is a huge number of harmful food supplements, there is a number of negative points connected with food supplements. Side effects, poorly investigated combination of different substances in one concentrate, unspecified recommendations of a doctor lead to consequences which have a negative influence on organism.

On the other hand, production with necessary technology compliance, proper storage and recommendations of a doctor make food supplements useful for diet correction. Remember, food supplements are not cure for disease, they are just ingredients replenishing daily dietary definitions. That is why it is important to follow doctors’ recommendations when there is a simultaneous intake of medicines and food supplements.

For Suppliers

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For Consumers

The company “Minskintercaps” is the leader in the sphere of medicinal production on the territory of Belarus and abroad. The main aim of the company is to provide the consumers with effective, high-quality, safe and affordable medicines for all segments of the population.

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We recommend to consult a doctor before buying any medicine in order your health will be grateful.