Pharmaceutical industry

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Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry studies all processes connected with medicines. This branch of industry studies, develops, manufactures and distributes medicines which are necessary for prevention, diagnostics and treatment of different diseases.

More than 30 pharmaceutical plants produce medicines in Belarus. Minskintercaps is a pharmaceutical plant leading in production of medicinal products and food supplements not only in Belarus but also abroad.

Pharmaceutical production of the company includes new technologies and long experience in pharmacy which help to produce modern pharmaceutical products of high quality. The company complies with all necessary standards and requirements, has a license for medicinal production.

Minskintercaps performs full technological cycle from control of raw materials for production of a gelatin capsule to finish product release.

For Suppliers

The company “Minskintercaps” cooperates fruitfully with proven wholesale suppliers of drugs and medicinal products. Minskintercaps is a leading producer of medicines that is why we are ready to mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers of medicines for wholesale on the territory of Belarus and abroad.

The wholesale of medicines is a priority for the company as our products are in demand not only in CIS countries but also far abroad.

If you meet our standards, ready for cooperation, intend to buy medicinal products wholesale or order medicines, please, send your offer to our e-mail.

For Consumers

Minskintercaps is a leading producer of effective medicines at affordable prices. All product range, prices, composition of medicines you can find in the

review “Products”. The number of medicines is more than 70 titles where you can find not only cold medicines but also different food supplements and medicines with no analogues in Belarus.