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Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmacy is an ancient science studying effects on living systems. The main aim of pharmacology is searching for new high-efficient and safe pharmaceuticals.

Pharmacology includes a huge number of concepts and terms explaining the importance of this science. Well-known “pharmacy” implies drug and substance manufacturing at the industrial enterprises such as “Minskintercaps”. Though the term “pharmacy” implies the same activity but it determines in detail the place where drug manufacturing and selling take place (for example, drugstore).

Medicines, drugs or pharmaceuticals are natural or synthetic substances or complex of substances manufactured with the purpose of prevention, diagnostics or treatment of life forms.

Food supplements are “drugs” for healthy organism. Food supplements should not be contaminated with the hope of certain pathology treatment. Today food supplement manufacturers are not obliged to provide food supplements with alleged evidence in annotations that is why it is necessary to perceive information given by manufactures without bias.