New drug Supraphen has been registered

New drug Supraphen has been registered Belarusian Ministry of health registered a new drug Supraphen, capsules.
API of Supraphen is Ibuprofen.

Capsule content: Ibuprofen 400 mg.

Ibuprofen is non-steroid anti-inflammatory agent of antipyretic action; it reduces pains caused by inflammation and edema. Moreover, Ibuprofen inhibits platelet aggregation caused by ATP and collagen.

Indications: symptomatic treatment of light-to-moderate-degree pain syndrome in adults and children after 12.

Administration: intake with or after meal 1 capsule up to three times daily subject to the case and following the interval at least four hours between intakes.

The drug is indicated for a short-term treatment. If the symptoms resist over four days, consult your physician.