Omecord-MIC for reliable cardiac and vascular protection

Omecord-MIC for reliable cardiac and vascular protection

Based on World Health Organization (WHO), cardio-vascular diseases are number 1 cause of death in the world. The majority of cardio-vascular diseases can be prevented by taking measures relative to risks like smoking, unhealthy eating habits and adiposis, lack of exercise, higher arterial pressure, diabetes and high lipid level. The role of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the prevention of cardio-vascular mortality is cogent.

The main effect of Omega-3 is the reduction of blood Triglyceride and Cholesterol, the creation of the barrier to the development of atherosclerosis, the maintenance of veins in normal state, improvement of metabolism. Omega-3 UFAs are the main structural elements of body cells being source of synthesis of substances that participate to vasoconstriction and vasodilatation, and regulate cell and tissue functions

In the family of Omega-3 UFA products the most important are Eicosapentaenoic and Docosahexaenoic acids. The human organism cannot synthesize these fatty acids; they are supplied directly with food. One of the sources to provide an adequate quantity of Omega-3 is fatty salt-water fish. Still food sources are not always enough to cover the needs in Omega-3 acids. It is found that drugs with Omega-3 high-purity acid (1 g daily) decrease blood Triglyceride and Cholesterol, and cardiac infarction risk.

In The Republic of Belarus the pharmaceutical enterprise Minskintercaps manufactures the drug in capsules Omecord-MIC, high-purity concentrate of Omega-3 ethyl esters 500 mg (Eicosapentaenoic acid 46%; Docosahexaenoic acid 38%). The raw for Omecord-MIC is purchased in South Korea; it is high-purity grade. Omecord-MIC decreases plasma Triglyceride.

Omecord-MIC is indicated for secondary prophylaxis of cardiac infarction (in complex therapy). The secondary prophylaxis after cardiac infarction is purposed to eliminate the development of the recurrent cardiac infarction and chronic heart failure. In addition, Omecord-MIC is indicated in case of lipid metabolism disorder: higher level of blood Triglycerides  in addition to the nutrition if it is not sufficiently effective; higher level of Cholesterol and Triglycerides (in complex with Statins if Triglyceride level remains too high). For secondary prophylaxis of cardiac infarction 2 capsules of Omecord-MIC are administered 2 daily. If the level of Triglycerides is high, the initial dose is 4 capsules daily. The dose may be increased to 8 capsules daily, if necessary.

Omecord-MIC helps to prevent cardiac infarction in complex therapy, to compensate short supply of Omega-3 UFA with food. 

Omecord-MIC for reliable cardiac and vascular protection.

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